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The Agatha Restaurant's food can be described as home-made. We are using fresh products to cook our meals, which are made directly at the restaurant. We are specialized on traditional food.
Selected dishes from the menu
Our menu was designed by Erich Brown
Pumpkin soup
Taste of careful touch of autumn. Champignon mushrooms and, bitter notes of nutmeg.

Reach taste with beets and tomato pesto, served with basil and chick-pea.

"Best Breakfast" salad
Nourishing morning salad is also good as proteinic bomb for fito geeks.

Eric Brown
The Agatha Chef
Erich was a disciple of the famous chef Denis Crown. Erich took part in a many workshops in a best restaurant in Europe. He has an unexpected vision on food and menu.
Our news
Note the most interesting events of the restaurant: live concerts, weekly tastings and honored guest chefs, and much more.
October, 17
The Concert of Сompass
Famous and new songs this fabulous group in our small restaurant.
October, 30
The day of desserts
A day of unusual desserts from our chef.
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22 Monroe Avenue, New York
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